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Blank on Blank: PBS Reanimates Long-Lost Interviews with Awesome People

July 18, 2013 |

When a journalist gets a great interview, too often the public can only read, see or hear a fraction of it. Sometimes great, albeit random, moments never make it past the cutting board.

Luckily PBS’s series … Read More

Cooking with a side of Comedy: Average Betty vs. Epic Meal Time

July 16, 2013 |

If too many cooks do indeed spoil the broth then television is a broth that is well and truly spoiled. There are way too many cooks on television, and they are mostly interchangeable. As is so often the case, the … Read More

Web Creators Are #ProudToLove

July 8, 2013 |

While some YouTube comments may cause readers to despair for the future of humanity, the web series community is more generally a place where unique ways of being are not just tolerated, but embraced. Diversity … Read More

Cat, Dog, Stoop: A small adventure into the convos of animals from animator Issac Littlejohn Eddy

July 2, 2013 |

You know that web series are here to stay when cartoonists for the New Yorker start making their own. Isaac Littlejohn Eddy is one of the most noted cartoonists of the moment, and is also the creator of the animated web … Read More

Live Prude Girls Talk About Something More Interesting

June 27, 2013 | 1

“Let’s just be normal, ask normal questions. Nothing weird, alright.”

The first episode of the second season of the cringe-comedy talk show Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting opens with a very empty promise from hosts … Read More

Cats, Videos and Nicole Richie – All You Need To Know This Week

June 24, 2013 |

Lil Bub gets her own web series

In extremely cute news this week, minor feline celebrity Lil Bub is being given her own web series by Revision3. The slack jawed little cat has over 14,000 followers on Twitter and 33,000 … Read More

To the Rescue! 4 Superhero Series for Summer and Beyond

June 21, 2013 |

Between reboots of Batman, Superman, Spiderman (rebooted only five years after the previous film) and interwoven franchises for Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and various other Avengers, it’s pretty tough to avoid the conclusion that the superhero genre defines Hollywood … Read More

Super-production Alien Series ‘Omega’ Does the Sci-Fi Genre a Solid

June 19, 2013 |

If aliens ever do decide to invade earth, they would be well-advised to watch some of our sci-fi shows first just to get an idea of how to make us humans turn on each other. In the event of a … Read More

Are You Ready For The Evolution of The Reality Show? And More June News

June 17, 2013 |

Jerry and Friends

One of my personal favorites in the world of web series is back for its much-anticipated second season. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has the stunningly simple premise of Jerry Seinfeld taking one of his comedy mates … Read More

Little Horribles: More than Just a “Girls” Knock-Off

June 14, 2013 |

When Lena Dunham’s Girls premiered on HBO in Spring 2012, it was greeted with a storm of criticism, both positive and negative from every corner of the internet. On one hand, it was lauded for its fresh … Read More